OvenPro has a Commitment to the Environment and to the People of Wirral.

It’s always been a top priority for OvenPro to be a maximum efficiency and minimum environmental impact company. We also specifically tailor our service using non-toxic, non-hazardous and odour free cleaning processes inside the client’s premises.

In our effort to keep our environmental impact to an absolute minimum, we team up with North West based waste recycling companies to negate the hazards.

Our most heavy duty cleaning process is within our diptank in our custom van. We use Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) in the presence of heat to speed up the process of Fat and Carbon removal from oven interior components. It is an effective method and we want to process our waste according to our key values. This is where waste management companies help.

OvenPro Earth Day Image

They manage the transportation, processing and disposal of our waste. They convert the waste down to water and salt by mixing it with acid and filtering it. Normal water treatment plants then process the remaining fluid back to clean water. Other waste treatment processes use the salts, or it’s used as aggregate depending on its final composition. The regulators see this disposal process as a best practice approach.

OvenPro aims for zero impact on the environment.

So, when you’re looking to book your oven clean, do you know if you are supporting a cleaner, healthier and safer environment for us and wildlife? OvenPro doesn’t harm the environment, even with our toughest cleaning processes. We even drive a Mercedes Blue Efficiency van to reduce emissions and recycle all our other applicable waste!

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