About Us

Nobody likes cleaning ovens. Let OvenPro take the hassle out of a dirty job by effectively and carefully removing all the grease, grime, carbon and food deposits from all parts of your appliance. Trust us to remove the problem stains and fat deposits that home cleaning simply can't deal with.

When we arrive at your premises, we check your oven for any areas of damage and highlight them to you. We follow this by applying floor protection and begin to remove and 'split' the oven door to clean it inside out. This is really important to get that 'new oven look' that everyone wants. The oven racks, brackets, grill tray and any other applicable parts all go in our state-of-the-art dip tank inside our custom van. All deposits and traces of grime are removed during this process and you can look forward to that clean, shiny look from when the oven was new.

The oven interior is cleaned via a custom cleaning process involving non-caustic, environmentally friendly cleaning products and a lot of elbow grease! We have the tools and the know how to safely and respectfully tackle all brands of ovens, without damaging the finishing. If your E14 oven bulb has blown or broken we will replace it free of charge, just another bonus for using OvenPro!

We believe that results speak for themselves. We are on all major social networks and encourage genuine reviews from real local people. We’re proud of the work we carry out, so feel free to share your thoughts.

After we have cleaned your appliance(s) you will be able to use them straight away and there will be no nasty smells left behind from any of our products.

We are an eco-conscientious company and will be adding more to our environmentally friendly services moving forwards.

OvenPro recycles and disposes of all waste responsibly, so you can rest assured you are not damaging your local area.

For costs please see our competitive Price list and feel free to get in touch to book an appointment.

OvenPro was born in the Oxton area of the Wirral, now in Hooton and is proud to help support local charities. Stay tuned to our blog to see all the latest news and don’t forget to like, subscribe and follow our social networks to stay posted. Special offers will be announced there too, so keep those bargain hunting eyes peeled!